Lebejoara Ovidiu (1952 - )

Lebejoara Ovidiu Nume: Lebejoara Ovidiu
Anul nașterii: 1952
Mediu: Pictură

Ovidiu Lebejoara Born in Romania, 12-14-1952. Since 1986 he has lived in Los Angeles. His compositions are an original approach to interpretation of nature using simple terms: water, light, food, and energy. Ranging in style from surrealism to realism, the artist has built a distilled vision of reality where nature’s lights and life’s perennial mystery compose a personal symbolism that speaks through elaborated colors and pictorial forms. Ovoid Lebejoara forgoes the distraction of superfluous and melodramatic abstraction in favor of a cohesive portrait that gives the viewer rest from turbulent and noisy world. His strong. well-conceived and esthetically challenging paintings reveal professional attributes in style, technique and concept. Both his older work and his current ongoing series of paintings show a distinctive style and content that he developed a personally, expressive signature. providing a way for exhibitors and collectors to identify his work. “I like the simple. I do not lice the simplicity”, †he artist confesses. ‘I always asked the eternal questions : Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do we live? With each and every work I made and I have always thought that only nature or God can answer our uncertainties”.