Terms and conditions

The use and information on iart.com.ro, as well as the list of International Artist, were, are and will be free of charge. We are considering those public international information and they are for information only.

Personal data, contact information and photographs (portrait/optional and two photos of your representative work) will be sent to us only through  „Iwant to subsribe to iArt” from iart.com.ro main page. Any other information sent through any outher channels will be ignored and will not be prossed.

Please load good quality photos (.jpg format) during the subscription process. Do not exceed the 2MB limit for those three images. Bad quality pictures will not do you any good.

The iArt list (International Artist) is a list of all the artist around the world that are subscibing to our services regardless of country, religion, color andor political believes.

Your biographical data and information are for the iArt Association use only.

The user is aqnowleding that all the information can be used by iArt Association for promotional campaigns, advertising, art albums, media and in any other form necessary that the association thinks necessary.

If you are under 18 and have to use a credit card for applying and/or to register to a special event, you need parrent approval to do so.

For any Event/Art Show where we’ll require art work, iArt Association will not be responsible for any lost or damaged art work. iArt Association will also not be responsible for any damaged or lost items during the event/exhibitios, not during the back shipment of the art work.

Your donations, even through art work pieces, are not refundable and the iArt Association is reserving the rights to use such pieces in any way, including but not limited to marketing, sales, advertising, etc.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us at office@iart.com.ro, or just sen dus a message form Contact page from our web site iart.com.ro